Church Growth


Church Growth – Church Biblical Principles – Gerard H. Worm.


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Church Growth – Church Biblical Principles – Gerard H. Worm.


The purpose of this book is to reveal principles form God’s Word and instruct you in how to cooperate with and apply these principles to obtain healing. Many today are seeking healing but yet they talk sickness and suffering until they establish that image in them. Their thoughts and words produce a vivid blueprint and they live within the bounds and limitations of that blueprint. In the following chapters you will learn how to make that blueprint line up with the Word of God.

Medical science tells us there are incurable diseases such as some forms of cancer, arthritis, heart disease and AIDS, just to name a few. Many people they are thinking that the devil is powerful, but that’s not the truth. This book presents a supernatural help to all people with incurable diseases. God’s Word is supernatural, powerful and mighty. Mixing faith (you faith) with God’s Word by speaking out of your mouth is a means of applying God’s medicine. To take your faith and the Word of God, that’s powerful. The rest is up to the individual as to whether or not they have the confidence to take God’s medicine on a regular basis. May the good Lord bless you in what you speak and think in His Name.

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