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Nehemia Ministries International

Under Nehemiah Ministries International are:

* Nehemiah Ministries Nijmegen- Netherlands

* Nehemiah Ministries Almere- Netherlands

* Nehemiah Ministries Paramaribo -Suriname

* Nehemiah Ministries Bangalore (India)

* Nehemiah Ministries Ndola – Zambia


Apostle GH.Worm : He is the overseer of Nehemiah Ministries International in The Netherlands, India, Zambia and Surinam. Pastor Hillary Worm-Velliam are the Senior Pastor of Nehemiah Ministries International.

He is also the overseer of Prayer Movement in Suriname, the pastors are Eric & Kitty Astwood.

He is the director of  Gospel Media    Productions.

He is also the founder of Leaders for Leaders conference in Europe and South America

Apostle Worm has written several books including books a number of studies.
He is active in Europe, South America, Africa and Asia.

SafeHouses International

The office of Safe Houses Int. is located at the same address as the Nehemiah Ministries Int. This foundation is aimed at guiding young people in particular who can no longer find a place in both church and society. Many of them often end up in the criminal world and there are therefore difficult out. Often they are not understood and then grabbing for things that often go against society and law. Many aid organization more often than not reach them and often can not adequately provide a helping hand. Safe Houses Int. directed internationally.


 Who are we

Nehemiah Ministries Int. is a Christian organization with several branches in the Netherlands and abroad. We aim to establish several churches at home and abroad, also set up the “School of Ministries” for education and the development of care and supervision of precious souls through the foundation “Safe Houses Int”. The reception of SH will be specifically targeted for the establishment of safe places for children and adults who are abused both mentally and physically.

Head Municipality

The church in Nijmegen is the main church, the office of which is located in Arnhem. From that location is controlled everything. There are also a number of home groups in nearby Nijmegen / Arnhem present and also in Amsterdam / Almere. In this way we bring God’s Word to the people. We hope and pray that the churches of Nehemiah Ministries will be allowed a place where everyone has the opportunity to be allowed to have a personal meeting with his or her Creator, due to the presence of God’s Spirit.

 Vision local churches / congregations

The vision of the NM, ….. of the local churches is to provide a stable spiritual place for those who are seeking. It contains God’s Love and Mercy center. In the local church worship and praise will occupy an important place. The word, the preaching will be in a living way, if possible related to what is done around us. That means the ministry will sometimes be special confronterent. Each “house” of the municipality of Nehemiah will be a house of love, safety and security.

Gospel Media Productions

The GMP is a branch of the Nehemiah Ministries Int. Through this way, the books, CDs and DVD’s Apostle Worm issued. Several of these books are provided free of charge to build up the Body of Christ worldwide.

Contact / Locaties

Samenkomst NIJMEGEN:

Groenestraat 170  6531 HW Nijmegen

Iedere zondag: 11.00 uur

Samenkomst ALMERE:

Steiger 74, 1351 AE Almere

Iedere zondag: 11.00 uur

Kantoor locatie:

Wassenaarseweg 5c
6843 NX Arnhem

Tel. 026-3271412

GSM: 06-53980332

Agenda / Activiteiten